Welcome to our new Board 2018-2019!

August 19, 2018

We are thrilled to welcome our new Board 2018-2019!


Our new Board President, Paula Moss, and the Executive Committee are thrilled to to continue and build on the great work done by our previous cohort, headed then by Lawrence Lee and Fatima Sowid as president and co-president, respectively.


We look forward to drive and deliver on all previously started initiatives, and look for exciting new ones for the benefit of our parent and student community!


Our new Board is composed by both new, and also already known, Board Members:

  • Paula Moss, President

  • Jaime Cunningham, Co-Vice President

  • Stewin Camargo, Co-Vice President

  • Zasha Medina, Co-Treasurer

  • Alex Pozdnyakov, Co-Treasurer

  • Sharon Chisom, Secretary

  • Tanusri Chawdhury, Community Rep

  • Loren Christian, Community Rep

  • Nichole Jennino, Community Rep

  • Lawrence Lee, Community Rep

  • Heather Lottner, Community Rep

  • Therese Lyras, Community Rep

  • Celia Navarro, Community Rep

  • Tara Parsons, Community Rep

  • Roslyn Pereira-Huang, Community Rep

  • Nildania Perez, Community Rep

  • Keri Roy, Community Rep

  • Fatima Sowid, Community Rep


Please drop us a note or send us questions or suggestions to our email address, pta@psms165.org, and stay tuned for soon to be announced events planned for the start of the new school year!

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