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Middle School Applications

This video is also available on the DOE's Middle School Admissions web site.

Middle School Admissions

Dear Families,

Important information regarding middle school admissions pertaining to September 2021 is available below. Parents with questions can contact the Parent Coordinator (Ms. Brenes) and the Guidance Counselor (Mr. Ortiz).

Letter from the Chancellor, describes changes in the process for this year:

Middle School Timeline:

  • Applications open the week of January 11, 2021.

  • Families and school staff will be notified when the application opens.

  • The deadline for families to submit their middle school application will be the week of February 8, 2021.

  • Middle school offers will be available to families and school staff in the Spring.

For more information, see: Middle School Application Timeline (English, español)

Get ready for Middle School admissions with these web sites:

  • MySchools: Set up your child's account on MySchools to apply. If you do not have an account, contact the guidance counselor ASAP.

  • NYC DOE: Learn more about the application process, and research schools on the DOE's middle school admissions web site.

To learn even more about District 3 middle schools, please consult the list of school web sites below.

Downloadable list:

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